GO Pantry is a non-profit community outreach providing food for hungry kids across NKY on days schools are not open.  This includes weekend days as well as summer.  ‘GO BAGS’ provide school children with kid-friendly food for Saturday and Sunday.  Students receive their ‘GO BAG’ on Fridays, so they have food for the weekend.  Each bag includes two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, snacks, and healthy drinks.

GO Pantry is active in six counties in NKY at this time, and is currently packing as many as nearly 1,000 bags weekly.  GO Pantry then allows us to be a part of blessing school children in our own area.  That, in turn, blesses us.  GO Pantry has become one of the largest food insecurity ministries in our entire area!

Now, to the relationship between GO Pantry and Sand Run Baptist Church.  Sand Run has partnered with GO Pantry for nearly half of their 10 year ministry.  Sand Run has adopted our two local grade schools, North Pointe Elementary, and Thornwilde Elementary School.  Roughly 30%  of the students there are eligible for free lunch.  Doesn’t that number astound you?  In this area that seems to be so affluent, there is no reason for a child to go to bed hungry.  Sand Run Baptist purchases, packs, and delivers approximately 10% of all the bags GO Pantry delivers.  AMAZING!!!  What a great ministry for us to be involved in!  Our own children help pack these bags.

At this point we are packing 92 bags every week.  The average cost to pack a bag is estimated at $12.00.  Using your contributions to purchase in bulk, and search for the best deals, we are able to pack for about $8.00 per bag.  But, that still amounts to just about $750.00 weekly.  This is quite a large financial burden for the members of the church.

You need not be a part of Sand Run Baptist in order to be a part of GO Pantry with us.  With your help, we will continue to minister to food insecurities right here in our own neighborhood.  You can make this contribution, weekly, monthly, annually, whatever works for you.  In fact, we are moving to on-line giving very soon, and you could even give that way.

If you would like to help us in our mission, contact us at srbc.general@yahoo.com.

Bread of Life Roadside Pantry

The Bread of Life Roadside Pantry is located on the church property between 237 and our parking lot.  This pantry is open to everyone in our community and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

If you are able to donate, we are very thankful and without you, we wouldn’t be able to help those in our community.

To those who take, we’re glad to help, but please do not take more than you need, you may be hurting those who may really need it.

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